What Inspired the Plot of Your RP

For anyone who have created their own RP, whether successful or not, the idea had to come from somewhere. The idea could have been from a book, movie, tv show, or even just something that popped into your head.

RP creators, what inspired your RP ideas?



I haven’t created any rps yet, but once I got inspired by a book series

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Boredom lol

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The RPs I think of making are actually made or inspired from my own story ideas. Some of them I give a touch of movies and games, maybe even books.


So, I’ve created three rps throughout my time as an rper. The first one I ever created was called Allenwood Academy and it was loosely based around my school (I go to an arts school). The next one I did was The Hideaway and I just got the idea one day of “what if people were hunted down for their imperfections?”. The last one I did was called The Greek War and I’m pretty sure at the time I was watching Scream Queens, so that’s where the sorority idea came from.


For ‘A Wish For Amnesia’ I was playing an RPG that was about people waking up with no memory but at the same time, we all had our characters all thought out so the whole amnesia thing was not that strong so I wondered if there was a way to have even the players oblivious about their characters past and everything except their personality age and basic info like name and gender. So the idea of having them fill in a form and then gove their info to someone else was what I came up with. I thought it had some fun elements as you were trying to figure out who you were and at the same time also look out for who has your information.

As for the Dark Snow RP. That one was based on a story I wrote back in 2017 (tho I have the feeling it was even longer back). It was my first story that was 100% original and had no references at all. The only thinh that inspired me was a picture of 7 stones in the form of a paw print.


And where do u get those from lol


My story ideas? Daydreaming plus imagining plus literally dreams xD sometimes celtic songs

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Random thing in day to day life. If I don’t have a clear plot in mind I like to try and let the other people take it in their own direction also as it fits with the RP