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What instruction would you give to someone who wanted to know how to kiss?

It’s funny how there are certain things humans are just expected to know how to do. First time I kissed someone my aim was literally awful and it still can be :joy: so here are some tips.

  1. Make sure you’re both calm and ready
  2. Lightly hold their face
  3. Try not to just go in fast like how they do in the movies you’ll probably end up kissing to the side of their lip if you do this
  4. If you don’t know how to aim let them lead, if they don’t know either, trial and error

Obviously, these aren’t rules! Everybody probably has a way that works for them and some people probably don’t even think of this too much :joy:

@Discussions what instruction would you give?

If you have ever kissed someone what would you have liked to know beforehand?


I’d probably go with:
Just go with the moment and don’t think too much.

True but me and quite a few people can’t really turn off their brain and it can be nice to calm yourself by thinking of something but yeah there’s nothing rigid, the most important thing is to relax.

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For me I can’t turn of my brain, but with him, I just felt relaxed because it was him.


Yeah it’s the same with my boyfriend, kisses aren’t a giant huge must get this right thing by any stretch but with my boyfriend it’s just fun and completely pressure free. I don’t feel like we have to do it because “that’s what couples do” :joy:


I remember my ex being so cute the first time, he was so careful and hasitent. He is one of those sweet, pokemon fanboys who loves comics and cares about people’s feelings more than his own and so when we kissed for the first time.

First kiss
It was during new year and as we were doing the ‘new years dutch kisses’, and everyone was already outside setting off fireworks, he shrugged, asked ‘shall we?’ and kissed me.

Make out:
He brought me home and my parents were already asleep and we stopped at my front door and said he wanted to try it and just gently kissed me.

So for me it really helped to have him as my first experience but as I didn’t feel the appeal of it all, it didn’t have the wanted effect while kissing :joy:

:sob::sob: nah cause i promise its really simple just relax

Honestly, I would give myself the advice to just relax about it. It really isn’t a that big deal. I wanted my first kiss to be super special and with someone I loved, but it ended up being so random with a person I barely even liked :upside_down_face: Still rad memories regardless…

Some practical tips:

  • Do it while standing, makes it easier
  • Lol, don’t wear heels. Let me explain this, my first kiss was quite a bit taller than me so even in heels I still had to stand on my toes and let’s just say I almost broke an ankle :joy: (Ended up being quite a cute moment where I sort of had to grab him and we laughed about it)
  • Be in a location that feels safe to you
  • Pretty obvious, but have some mints on you. Can definitely make the experience a lot better for both of you.
  • It’s not just about the kiss, build up to the moment a bit. Eye contact, little touches ect.
  • Might not work for everyone and in every situation, but it can be helpful to sort of just mirror whatever the person you are kissing is doing. Especially if you know that person has experience.

Who invented kissing? Sucking peoples faces off with affection??

This one’s for you, @Kiaaa.
Just go with the flow. A kiss doesn’t need to be perfect.
Love can be expressed in everything you do


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Stinky breath

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Who are u calling stinky :point_right::point_left:

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Obv you, can’t you read it-

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Derp nugget. I actually said that. Previous advice still stands.

Please don’t be slobbery.