What Is Iambic Pentameter and Why Does It Matter?

Originally published at: https://shanniiwrites.com/2019/04/18/what-is-iambic-pentameter-and-why-does-it-matter/

Confused about Iambic Pentameter? Well, here’s what it is and how it’s important!


Iambic Pentameter is still the worst for me :joy: When we learned about it in school, our teacher made us read the lines very slow and we had to emphasize on the stressed syllables. It just sounded so weird to me and I always asked why people do that. On of my classmates said that the poets want to torture us :joy:
But the post really helps with understanding! Until now, I thought it doesn’t matter which syllable is stressed, although we’ve learned several metres, I just never understood what makes them different from each other :sweat_smile:

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I know what it is conceptually, but I just have the hardest time actually telling patterns of stressed and unstressed syllables :sweat_smile:

This is really interesting! In Greek, my native language, it was easier to explain, since our syllabi methods and rules are simpler, and less complex. Iambic Pentameter makes a poem sound more rythmic, without necessarily being accompanied by music. In my opinion, it isn’t important to make a poem good. The words alone can draw you in. But if it accompanies a good poem, it can make it stronger. However, if Iambic Pentameter exists on a silly worded poem, it just makes it sound even sillier. So I’d say, if you are to make a poem, don’t spend too much time finding words that match with each other so you can have a pattern. First lay out what you wanna include in your poem, and then understand how you will make your poem sound more rythmic using a pronouncing pattern.


My teacher mentioned this in class and I don’t get it lmao