What is the most bizarre dream you have had?

I have had quite a few bizarre dreams in the past. I will post what I can remember from the main three ones. It’s probably because I have to take medicine to go to bed. At least, for the last dream. the brain is a weird biological computer.

Dream One:

It brings up triggering events that have to do with fire burns and fires.

For some reason, I had this dream of being at a house and people that on fire but it was the way the house was set up is that made it bizarre for me. The people were covered in burns from head to toe. They were wearing colonial-like clothing from what I remember. It was one of those old houses where you had to step up to enter the hallway. It looked like a light blue house with a lighthouse connected to it. It had two wrap-around balconies with a dock that led to water. That’s where the people were. I still have no idea why I dreamed of this. This happened around the time I was in middle school to high school.

Dream Two:

I keep having this dream where it’s a theme park that has every movie fandom rides. Like for instance, I’ve dreamed of Disney Parks but with movie rides from Universal and so on. The parks look different too. I can’t really explain how they look exactly. Another dream from this same recurring dream is that there is a theme park like Disney and Universal in Nashville. Yeah, I have an obsession with theme parks for some reason…

Dream Three:

Goes over sensitive topics

I just had this dream last night. I have no idea why my brain even went this way. It must have been from all the Hannibal commercials I’ve seen. So, the dream starts out like you are in a movie. H*ll the, the main person is a person who looks like John Cusack that it surrounds. So, a person comes to him to sell meat from people to others then the person who buys the meat (not knowing what it really is) ends up the victim becoming the meat. The person who gave the meat goes after buyers who become the next victims. there is more to the dream but I’m not going into it since my brain is already trying to forget it happened at all. My brain is effed up…



I have so many bizarre dreams, I don’t even know which one was the worst one :sweat_smile:
Some days ago, I had a dream about me and someone who was apparently a friend (not one that I know from my real life :sweat_smile:) digging in the mud. I know that we searched for something but I don’t know what we were searching for. Then some glowing stones fell from the sky and we tried to break them open when it suddenly got very spooky and weird people were walking around, some of them were also digging in the mud for something but nobody found anything. We were on a little hill and at the bottom of it was a street, there stood a guy and suddenly I felt like I needed to chase that guy away and ran down the hill. Before I could reach the guy, I woke up :sweat_smile:

It was a super weird dream but it wasn’t really a nightmare, so I’d call it a bizarre dream :joy:

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Interesting, I’ve had dreams like that before. They are so weird. You never know what will happen in them.

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I dunno I’ve had many weird dreams, I prefer the dreams that make no sense to the realistic ones

I had this dream months ago where my best friend was kissing her best friend I just watched and I was jealous lwk because I DONT WANT THEM TOGETHER they already spend enough time together
I told my bus best friend and she was horrified LOL. She’s in the grade above but she knew that is traumatizing
THAT WAS SO WEIRD I never want to have that happen irl bc I’d run out crying like a anime girl that’s disguesting

I was in Petsmart…surrounded by fish tanks. Just fish.

I went to a barbie camp and wacked Ken with an oar

  • also every time I dreamt about my crushes I always either embarrass myself or we become great friends. (Actually i only befriended my boy crush once, and my girl crush none) crush I never know it’s a dream until I awake in this types of dreams, even when my crush joined me at my Islamic school and he isn’t even Muslim, so I never like, kissed him or my girl crush. BUT I WANTED TO -
    I think I’ve dreamt about my boy crush more then my girl crush because I like him more and I still doooooooooooo
  • also I had this collection of dreams about this Valley Fair in Ohio that was magical and I broke into it.
  • And the collection of dreams about the Library. and I always arrived home late.