What is your character's alignment?

The Alignment System is a tool for defining one’s general morality and personality. It’s more broad than specific, but it is helpful to determine… well, moral values and detailed traits of a character xD

It’s categorized into nine alignments, each a combination of the lawful-chaotic axis and the good-evil axis: lawful good, neutral good, chaotic good; lawful neutral, neutral, chaotic neutral; lawful evil, neutral evil, chaotic evil. You can read more about them here!

Now, @RPers, which alignment do your characters lean more towards?

  • Have you based a character entirely on this system before?
  • Would you if you haven’t? Why so?

I’ve used the the alignment system to make a character before; I just don’t know who it was xD but yes, it’s certainly helpful for character inspiration too!

So here are some of my characters and what I think they lean towards to:

  1. Merthiel: I actually don’t know. On the surface, she’s chaotic evil but she’s probably more of a neutral evil?
  2. Vala: Neutral.
  3. Ives: Most probably Lawful Neutral-

I had this in my drafts for such a long time, because I was to busy to figure out Fin’s :joy:

Phoebe Renee Taylor-DeLoughrey - Something between neutral good and chaotic good
Ezekiel Griffin - lawful good
Finley Wolf Klein - chaotic neutral

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I don’t usually think about the alignments for most of my characters, because it often could go multiple different ways for what seems to fit them, but there are a few that I’ve figured out.

Logan Blackwood and Sophie Lewis are both Lawful Good.
Laurel Parker is True Neutral. I wasn’t sure which way she would have gone. I kinda expected her to lean more into Chaotic alignment, but True Neutral seems to fit.
Then Quinn Castillo is Chaotic Evil. I honestly guessed closer to Lawful Evil for him, but either way it had to be Evil alignment, and Chaotic seems to fit.

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