What is your opinion on Episode adding the LGBTQ+ sub-genre?

Episode added an LGBTQ+ sub-genre a few months ago, making it easier for its users to find stories with LGBTQ+ characters. What’s your opinion on Episode adding this sub-genre?



It’s nice

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They have one? … Kidding. I think I’ve seen it.

Personally I’m not a too big fan of that idea. In my opinion it just emphasizes that LGBTQ+ is different than straight/cis. Those stories should be promoted in the genre they are part of, and not separated from it by giving them their own genre. I also think it doesn’t benefit the way LGBTQ+ is shown in episode, since I feel like it’s just filled with stories where the main trait of the characters is their sexuality, instead of creating well rounded characters with an in depth personality.

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I find it kinda stupid, to be honest. LGBTQ+ isn’t a genre. You can have LGBTQ+ characters in any genre. If I made my fantasy story When I’m Gone on Episode, I would expect it to be in the fantasy genre. Why do we need to segregate LGBTQ+ stories?

A tag added to stories to show that they have diverse characters would be cool. Episode should create tags that you add to any genre like “POC MC”, “Male MC” and “LGBTQ+” that you can tick off when you’re both creating and searching for stories that apply to any genre. So, you have genres and then you have tags both working separately.


I think it’s a good idea so people won’t have to worry about the gender of their love interest if you get what I’m trying to say.