What kind of jewellery do you like?

Jewellery stores carry many different kinds of jewellery. You can find jewellery for your ears, hands, or neck in so many different styles. What kind of jewellery do you like?

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Minimalist jewellery. Like, a silver bracelet with just a coloured stone in the middle or smth like that…

I’m a huge fan of earrings. My three favorite pairs right now are big gold hoops, sunflower-shaped earrings, and small gold hoops. I also love pearls, but I don’t have any good pearl earrings right now.
As for necklaces, I used to have a monogram ‘M’ necklace, but I lost it not too long ago. I have a cat pendant necklace that I also like to wear, but only when I’m wearing a blouse where it can be seen. I don’t usually wear necklaces with my work uniform, because the collar of the uniform covers them.

I’m such a HUGE fan of jewellery. I have a big collection of it but if I have to choose a favourite it will be earrings and bracelets.

My favourites

This earring meant a lot to me because it marks the last time I met my friends and every time I wear this I always think of them.

I remember the time I bought this I was hesitating whether to buy the gold one or the silver one lol

This is the last earring I bought before the lockdown.


As you can see I LOVE bracelets with stars and flowers.


These are the only stuffs I got but due to lockdown in my country there’s no chance of going out to buy more QwQ

Chokers/Collar necklace

The one most right is the kind of choker which need to tie it like a ribbon around your neck and it’s my most favorite among all of them.

Ring and also hand reveal?

This is the only ring I have lol
I only wear it because of the Miraculous Ladybug show XD

The only thing I don’t have is an anklet. I plan to hunt for more after the whole lockdown thingy is over.


Omg, all of your jewellery are so cool!

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Thx! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I recently discovered a kind of jewellery called Panjas bracelet (aka slave bracelet, idk why did they called it that) and it’s basically a waist bracelet attached to a ring with chain(s).
And it’s so beautiful :pleading_face:

Picture owo




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I plan to buy some for my birthday :relaxed: (which is two months later hjvkcdgkudhfgs)

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I love silver bracelets the most, they look so stylish