What makes you promote someone’s story?

Self explanatory. For me, I wouldn’t really do so on social media or anything because my presence is equivalent to -0; it doesn’t exist. However, when it comes to telling others I know about it, it’s generally the quality of it and/or whether it seems like something they would enjoy. Quality can go into many things. For example, storytelling, plot line, and characters are key. If it was an Episode story, directing could be a factor as well.

What do you keep in mind in terms of promoting stories? Do you have any tips for people in order to write in a way that encourages others to promote it? Or even general conduct?


If the plot is very intriguing, I’ll promote it myself. Expressing what you personally appreciate about the story is an amazing way to encourage the author to keep writing.

If someone likes the story enough, they’ll promote it. You could do art contests, character/outfit competitions, and giveaways on IG to have people sharing your work as well. :grin:

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I promote someone’s story if I really like it. That’s it, I’d never promote a story that I didn’t like. There were some stories that I like but they weren’t that amazing yet. However, I thought that with some more feedback and practice, those stories have a lot of potential and that made me promote them.