What order do you write character information in?

As the title says - what order do you write character information in? Is there a specific part you almost always go to first? Which part do you normally leave to the end?

For me, I think I usually try to do the name first. Because, for some reason, it seems to take ages for me to find one. And so as soon as I’ve done that, I can do the rest. What about everyone else?


I’d say the faceclaim then the name then anything else comes next.

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First I look for a FC and then name, making sure it fits that FC.
After that I usually do biography first and personally last because it’s the hardest part for me.

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I try and come up with some personality traits first, so that I get a rough sense of what the character is going to be like, then come up with some basic information about what they do.

I think then I tend to go for name, faceclaim, other specific details the RP asks for, personality, and then actually fleshing out the biography last.