What Quizzes Would You Like to See on the ShanniiWrites Website?

Related to writing, please! But I would love to know what kinds of quizzes you’re looking for! Or just any suggestions you have for quizzes that you think would do well. Leave them below!




Something like the 16 personality test for characters but less lengthy and have away to save the results and answers to your shannii account or sent to your email.


Personality related quizes could be fun ! :smiley:


A forum quiz? like one about this forum and the users ( idk why but I think it’ll be fun )
A slang test, we could test how well we know English slang words


I have three ready for you and another two half complete! (wink)

We’ll see if we can transfer them over to the inbuilt quiz software at one point to reduce the number of plugins on the website and increase the load speed

Like, this is big, guys! 4000 people have clicked on our Mary Sue quiz this year!


Oh, I thought you had Interact already added on though?

Yeah I’m converting the Interact quizzes to LearnDash so that we can lessen the load on the website and speed up the load times

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But this is a slow process

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Can you match every answer to the results like with Interact, even match multiple answers with the results?

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I don’t know what you mean by that

Uh, as it’s after 2am now, maybe we can go on VC a little before Skulduggery time and I can explain/ask. (wink)

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  • Definitely an MBTI-style quiz for our characters, as well as the Four Temperaments, or any other personality test. (But 16 personalities is my favorite)

  • How Cliche is your Story?

  • Alignments (?) Lawful good, etc.


I don’t know :nerd_face:

  • What genre/genres is my story?
  • Is the romance in my story good?
  • Is my character well developed?
  • Is my plot well developed?
  • Is my story ready for publishing?
  • How many words should my story be?
  • Is my story more showing or telling?
  • Are you a pantser or plotter?
  • Is my story plot or character driven?