What’s the most interesting thing you know about space?

Here are some I know:

  • Space is completely silent
  • The footprints on the moon will remain there for hundreds of millions of years
  • One day on Venus is longer than a year
  • The Sun’s mass makes up 99.86% of the mass in the solar system

What about you @AstrologyStudents?

  • Space fully comprises of vacuum
  • The earth would stop rotating on its axis after approximately 18.4 billion years
  • In approximately 5.2 billion years, the Sun will run out of hydrogen and start burning helium, causing it to expand to numerous layers. It will turn into a red giant and thus, consume Mercury, Venus and Earth.
  • Jupiter and Saturn protect the Earth by “attracting” all the meteors and asteroids attacking the earth towards themselves.
  • There is an earth’s doppelganger discovered named Kepler-452b which is the closest hospitable planet like earth. It is also known as Earth’s cousin.

Some interesting, but not the “most” interesting space facts I know:

  • The Andromeda galaxy will merge with the Milky Way galaxy in about 4.5 billions years, in with .5 billion of a year later, the sun will enter it’s red giant phase, therefore, who knows what the fusion of the heavy element’s in the sun’s core will do to the planets and stars around it.

  • The temperature is the same all around the universe; at which is 2.725 degrees Celsius above absolute zero.

  • Essentially, right now there are currently no black dwarfs in the universe, scientists believe not enough time has passed after the big bang for a star to have entered this phase of it’s life cycle yet.

I’ll come back for more when I’m not doing school work at the same time. Lol.

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yeah my knowledge about space is profound


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Space is such a rad place, I don’t know much about it though aside from like, some basic physics :joy: @Discussions any space facts you wanna share?

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I actually at some point wanted to be an astrologist

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In space no can hear you scream. … Wait, no, that’s a tagline for a film. HAHAHA

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