What sci-fi book or movie do you want the future to be like?

I haven’t actually read a whole lot of sci-fi books or seen a whole lot of sci-fi movies that didn’t end up badly, so I can’t think of any that I would want the future to be like :thinking: I’m sure there might be some that would be interesting for the future to be like, but I probably need to stop only seeing dystopian things to know about them

What do you think @Discussions? :eyes:


Hunger games🍴

NO!!! I will kill you first if the future ever turns out like that for requesting it .

I want the future to be like this

Not if I kill you first catnip :smirk:

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Galaxy Quest. Is that weird?

I have a knife…and I know how to use it

I have an arrow. Pew pew

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A lil
But una good way

I have an axe, really two arrows, a knife and another secret weapon . :eyes:

*pew *
too late ur dead, spent too much time bragging

good thing the hunger games isnt actually happening, you would for sure die :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Nope! I had a pillow on my chest :blush:

It hit the pillow not me!

*pew. *

And You’re dead now!

No I actually hid behind your grandpa

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Nope that was a robot!

Oh! Well then I saved two lives!

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Idk if this is weird because it’s technically in the past but like stranger things :sob: