What Should You Do with Criticism?

Originally published at: https://shanniiwrites.com/2019/03/31/what-should-you-do-with-criticism/

Criticism can be hard to accept, but it is an important part of growing as an author. Here’s how to take it like a pro.


Take it because it’s never personal. Always constructive.

By the way, just wanna say: it is better to be built on criticism than to be destroyed by compliments.

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Lol, some of this advice is good in general, not only for dealing with criticism, but with every tough situation :joy: Anyway, yeah you really wrote some good things and some useful advice more writers should listen to this advice.

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Thanks! xD I know I used to hate criticism, but you really do learn to love it if you give it a chance :wink:

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I think that if you get criticism you should take it into consideration but also know that your opinions on it are valid too. If someone says a criticism you don’t agree with you don’t have to take it. For example if you get criticism for writing and someone says your story is awful and they hate the genre or something, you don’t have to change your whole story because that one person said so! It’s nice however to get as much as you can though. If everyone is saying the same thing then you know you have something to change, but unless your story is extremely racist or something like that don’t listen to someone who says to change your whole story.

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Yeah constructive criticism is the way forward IMO. I think I discuss it in the blog post, actually: the fact that not all criticism will be helpful, so it is important to know how to filter the helpful stuff from the unproductive