What Social Media platform do you use often?

I’ll go with Instagram because I interact with my epi friends there and know when they’re releasing new chapters of their stories.

What about you guys?


Do the forums count :nerd_face:

If not then Instagram and Facebook

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The forums is definitely a social media account :sunglasses:

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no :star_struck:

Very rad indeed :star_struck::star_struck:

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SWF :star_struck:

Isn’t a social media platform any platform where one interacts virtually with other people ?

no :joy:

but finee since you insist :kissing:
but I was mainly focusing on platforms such as Fb/Insta/twitter and others but it’s fine

Oh, then if you mean excluding the forums then Instagram :star_struck:

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Sometimes Facebook

I used to be addicted to Snapchat

Ouii rad :star_struck:

THOSE FILTERS!! but then I deleted it :grimacing: I wasn’t interested anymore

Yeah same :sob: I used to use Snapchat filters allll the time

:sob::sob: It makes me wanna download it again but then I’m like who need filters, I’m beautiful regardless but I still loved trying out those filters :pleading_face:

YES YOU ARE :triumph::triumph::triumph:
As long as you know you don’t need filters, then just t it again if you want :star_struck: do whateverr

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Definitely Tik tok or Instagram. I contact my friends through Instagram and I use tik tok frequently for entertainment.

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Insta if forums dont count :star_struck:

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I used to be active on Facebook and Twitter (especially Twitter).

But now, aside from the forums, I mostly use Instagram (but still not on a daily basis). Social media is, eh. I hate it now.

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Mee tooo :pleading_face:

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i use instagram alot! i probably only get on tiktok when my friend mentions me in videos

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