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What social media platforms do you like to promote your stories on?

I usually promote on Instagram and facebook when it comes to promoting. I have my Instagram set to post on my facebook at the same time. This way I don’t have to make two separate posts. I can just edit the Facebook post with links if I need to. I did try promo on Twitter but there isn’t a big following on that platform for episode that I could find. I used tags but I barely got any views compared to other posts on other topics.

Which one do you use for promoting?



I really only promote my stories on Instagram but I’m not very good at it


Yeah, it was mainly insta for me too. Or forums. (shrug)

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Instagram and reddit

Instagram. I sometimes recommend my own story on Reddit when people are looking for something specific that fits my story, for example… “Stories with a sweet LI” or “Stories about cooking.”


I started with Instagram, which didn’t work really well but it’s okay. Now I’m trying TikTok and it seems to kinda work. I get around 200 views on each video but it also takes some time to make good videos. Maybe Wattpad stories are easier to promote on TikTok because Wattpad is more popular than Tapas.

@Writers Which social media platforms do you use to promote your stories?

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I usually like instagram for the stories because my instagram has some audience that will engage with my story love and react on it. But when I don’t have much audience. I try different techniques to get followers on instagram and also buy some followers from smm panel deals for my social proof.

I usually like Instagram and snapchat for the stories to interact my audience. I try different techniques to get followers and likes on Instagram and snapchat “smm panel deals” for my social identity.