What sort of food can you get at your high school?

We could get a lot. From hot food, salad bar…desserts…honestly, the food was a million times better than the food at my college. Ech.


Packaged food lol

I just bring my own lunch

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I remember they used to have pasta pots and curry pots. Fish and chips, pizza and chips, chicken burgers, jacket potatos and toast.

I ate none of that, I had a packed lunch.

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Nothing. We don’t have cafeterias here


Really? Huh.

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Over priced food.

Hashbrowns are good tho

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This too

My high school actually had a lot of stuff you could get in the cafeteria but from what I saw, the most popular items were the cookies and muffins as well as the chicken nuggets and french fries/poutine

That’s what most people bought there


To be honest, it wasn’t very good poutine :sweat_smile:

It was still nice every once in awhile tho

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Fair, lol.

Update: I’ve had poutine. It’s amazing.