What stopped you from joining earlier?

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This thread is mainly directed towards the people who recently joined this place, we were just interested in figuring out why you didn’t come here earlier? How can we change that so you would have come earlier? We really want to learn from these reasons so we can continue growing!

For the people who have been here longer, what do you guys think we can do to convince the people who are doubting to join to actually do it? What do you think could bring them here?


i honestly didn’t know these forums existed. when episode decided to shut down RPs i saw people commenting that they’re switching to these forums so here i am:)


I had only heard of these forums once I think a couple months before I was told about it again and joined. I remember checking out these forums, but I didn’t really see a reason to join. I think I also remember looking at section where the RPs were and at the time I was mostly just interested in RPs (like now I’m interested in the general chat and forum games and all that and I was before at some point but then I just stopped doing that on the episode forums and lost interest) and I didn’t see many RPs/active RPs since I generally like pretty active RPs so I just decided not to join. I think the same thing happened when I actually did join, I was a little iffy since the RP section didn’t have all too many active RPs but I just decided to join anyway.


I had to stalk this place for a week first to make sure that it’s a nice place :eyes::sparkles:

The only suggestion I have is to adopt a forum duck :duck::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:


I never knew it existed until i think @MeghanWrites sent me a dm telling me about it and then i decided to join.

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I’ve known about this place from people mentioning it on the Episode Forums, I knew that I wanted to make an account one day, but wasn’t driven enough to actually do it before confirming with myself that this would a good choice. When I got suspended for an… interesting reason (Read the thread: Where is AMagic?), I finally decided to join and have been enjoying it here since!

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I didn’t know it existed until that late October night

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I didn’t know it was a place until people told me.

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My friend sent me a link agessss ago and I didn’t join cause a) I wasn’t bored enough to and b) I didn’t see why I’d want to chat to people I don’t actually know.

I only joined today because I was so bored I was trying to count the grass :skull:

Hope this wasn’t offensive :no_mouth:

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Thought I may aswell bump this since we do have some new users


I was too lazy :clap:t5::eyes:


I’ve heard of it before, but I didn’t know its name so I couldn’t find it. Someone linked it on a thread talking about RPs and I joined right away lol


I just didn’t know about it before people started mentioning it


I’d never really heard of it, so it was quite hard to find and join!


I didn’t know the forums name lol, I kept guessing them

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I didn’t know of it at first, and once I find out about I had to stalk lurk for a while first to know what I’m getting myself into :eyes::green_heart:

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