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We’ve had a lot of feedback and people commenting on glitches and typos lately. However, the sheer volume of the complaints coming straight to me or tagging me in with the @ function is negatively affecting my mental health.

I know you don’t mean to, but if you’re someone who criticises the Forums a lot and constantly messages me, tags me or just bombards announcement threads with comments like “I don’t think this will work”, it can be extremely overwhelming and upsetting to me.

Plus, even if you send me one message, you might not be the only one. 700+ people sending me messages about the same issue can quickly become overwhelming!

I am currently trying to recover from some real bad trauma issues and I can’t handle the constant criticism. However, you still have a right to criticise the Forums and speak your mind as long as you follow the rules. Here’s how you can do it properly.

PLEASE FOLLOW THESE STEPS. Bombarding my PMs or tagging me constantly will be considered harassment.



My point is that you have a right to post complaints about the Forums. You don’t have a right to tag be personally and harass me about them.


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Hey Hanna, well spotted but we have a thread for typos here


I’ll move it there then :eyes::sparkles::+1:


@Announcements remember that each of these that you read helps the Forums so much! :3 That’s why I’m moving the rules to the website, too. I want to dedicate part of the website to an easy-to-access guide to the Forums, how they’re run, the rules, the guidelines, etc. It will help with ad revenue!


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idk if this needs the shanniiexplains tag, since Shannii is technically explaining something, but it’s maybe not part of that series :eyes:


It’s not part of the shanniiexplains series, I believe that is specifically for explanations on the rules :thinking: technically alot of Shannii’s blog posts explain how to do things :eyes:


Yeah, that’s why I wasn’t sure :eyes::green_heart:

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Question: what do we do if we have a glitch on the website? Do we go through the same steps? Because there has been a small glitch that has been bothering me for a while :eyes::sparkles:

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Sure! The forums can be used for the website! If it’s the one about mobiles and not being able to zoom out of the doc properly, I’m on it. Those idiots keep dismissing me thiugh


Nah, it’s something much smaller, which just slightly bothers me, because my school website has the same glitch, so I’m used to it :eyes::eyes: