What to Do When You Hate Your Story

It’s okay to take a break from your writing once in a while and here is why…

Tell us which one of these points, if any, has helped you with your writing!


I agree with the finding good things! I had a habit of whenever I disliked my story and got stuck I would just start over and re-write… and that just didn’t work. I didn’t know what I know now, you have to find a part of it to enjoy and just… keep going. Maybe you can start over if you have a few pages but if you’re already a few chapters in you should just keep going! Make peace with the fact that you can always change it later, and that you can change it while you’re writing - lol I’ve changed characters names and I have yet to go back and fix them. I’ve also changed plot points ig or scenes when I got to a later point in the story and something else worked better. When I finish the draft, I can decide what worked best and the just change it.


Oh My-! This is FANTASTIC advice for writers. I tend to find that I don’t scrap a story, nor do I give up, I just file it away for a rainy day. Unfortunately, the skies must always be clear, 'cause I haven’t yet returned to any story.


I remember the art for this one was done in about an hour. Back when each drawing I did of the Author was just a sketch on Photoshop!

Fun fact, this was the first time I ever drew her skirt! It was before I decided it was supposed to be pleated :smile:

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HEHEHEHE! I love the tidbits you add about your drawings. I just kinda wish I wasn’t so new, so I could have stalked such an incredible artist from the beginning!

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Finding five positive things about a story is a great exercise that I’m going to try next time I feel unmotivated or annoyed with my story.
Another thing I’ve found useful is changing or deleting a scene that I don’t like. Sometimes I start hating my story because the last scene I was working on (and have been stuck on forever) is taking my motivation away. I’m just not feeling the scene. It’s totally fine to scrap it and write something completely different whenever that happens.
Taking breaks is also very helpful, because it’s much better to take a break and come back to writing it at another time than to force yourself to write something that you don’t even like.


We’ve all been there, believe me!

Yeah, more or less. Or I feel incapable of writing every now and then :smiley:

Well, I’ve never felt hatred for a story hahaha. I just tend to get busy with something else or bored and forget about it.

I think taking a break sounds like an amazing idea. :wink: And one of my few strengths. My break would be more than two hours long though :flushed:

You’ve focussed too much on the end result.

I think focused is spelled wrong? But I’m not sure :joy: never am.

Talking to others is great although a bit intimidating but they can see things you haven’t thought about etc. or just inspire you with new ideas and thoughts!

I like the advice to

never delete an old work

, I really, really should use that advise! I hate it when I look for something, some details on a character or a place or a world building thing and I’ve deleted everything. But deleting also help me cleanse, so I don’t know. I should have a way to hide them away so that I don’t get disturbed by old stuff in my file systems.

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I don’t really hate my story right now, but I feel like I should just stop it and find a new hobby. So I’m getting close to hating it :sweat_smile: I tried taking a break of two weeks, which was probably too long. I think I found the main problem. I just don’t think that my story is good enough to get me anywhere, but I still tried to write every day while each new chapter was just more of a disappointment once I read it. I mean, I like it, but just because it’s good enough for me, doesn’t mean it’s good enough for anybody else. And that kind of makes me hate it.

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Aww, this makes me sad 'cause I think it’s good.

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Thank you :see_no_evil: I guess the problem is me and not the story :sweat_smile:

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Don’t agree, you’re not a problem either.

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I kind of am the problem a lot of the time :smile: But I don’t care about that anymore
I’ll get through this, start liking my story again and keep writing it, even if I’ll have to force it a bit

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You’re not, but maybe try writing snippets of other stories or ideas until you feel it again?

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Yep, I started writing poetry again and even sharing it! Hopefully that will help