What to Do When You Hate Your Story

It’s okay to take a break from your writing once in a while and here is why…

Tell us which one of these points, if any, has helped you with your writing!


I agree with the finding good things! I had a habit of whenever I disliked my story and got stuck I would just start over and re-write… and that just didn’t work. I didn’t know what I know now, you have to find a part of it to enjoy and just… keep going. Maybe you can start over if you have a few pages but if you’re already a few chapters in you should just keep going! Make peace with the fact that you can always change it later, and that you can change it while you’re writing - lol I’ve changed characters names and I have yet to go back and fix them. I’ve also changed plot points ig or scenes when I got to a later point in the story and something else worked better. When I finish the draft, I can decide what worked best and the just change it.


Oh My-! This is FANTASTIC advice for writers. I tend to find that I don’t scrap a story, nor do I give up, I just file it away for a rainy day. Unfortunately, the skies must always be clear, 'cause I haven’t yet returned to any story.


I remember the art for this one was done in about an hour. Back when each drawing I did of the Author was just a sketch on Photoshop!

Fun fact, this was the first time I ever drew her skirt! It was before I decided it was supposed to be pleated :smile:

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HEHEHEHE! I love the tidbits you add about your drawings. I just kinda wish I wasn’t so new, so I could have stalked such an incredible artist from the beginning!

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