What type of humor do you have?

I have a dark sense of humor. What about you guys? Got any good jokes?

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A combination of dark and dirty


Yis. Me too.

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I have what we call the Andrea Humor.
Its a combination between prop jokes, dad jokes, puns, dirty jokes and insult jokes.

Overal it’s just very childish.

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I have no idea!
Probably the people that have read my story could identify my sense of humor, but I don’t feel that it fits into any of the common categories. It isn’t dark, nor dirty, nor slapstick, nor dry… it’s kind of a combination of spontaneous and relatable, mixed with puns.

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Dark humour
Dry humour
Silly humour
Some dirty humour but not the kind that turns every innocent thing someone says into a dirty thing because it can derail the conversation and make me lose track of what was actually being talked about and I’m also impatient af :sunglasses:

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Dirty, sarcastic, dark, silly, and childish!!!

My own mix.

Dirty, dark, silly, and extremely childish