What usernames would the characters in your stories have?

I know this wasn’t a staff task, but I feel that we should have more threads for writers to talk about the characters in our stories.

So I got inspired by the book character one, and decided to make one for the characters in our stories!

In the story, some of my characters already have usernames as their Epigram account.
Ellie’s is sunflowersandshawarmas
Mira’s is miramiraonthewall
Noi’s is para_noi_d

But the ones who I either haven’t given a username to, or I did but I thought of something more suitable later one:

Ana Paola would be RockstarGal20 (because her birthday is May 20th and one of the characters secretly nicknamed her ‘Rockstar’) or RockstarChef
Andre’s would be something like TheAndrePapastergios or AndreTheGreekGod, because he’s so narcissistic and thinks the world revolves around him
Eduardo’s username might be eduardo.malone, because he’s a massive fan of Post


Love these

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I’ll try this with my characters from Dreams and Nightmares :smile_cat:

Scarlet would probably go with something like ReadingRed
Jason wouldn’t put too much thought into it, so he would choose something like WorldGreatestLeader (just to boost his own confidence :joy:) But I think his username would change a lot. Whenever something in his life changes, he’d adjust his username until he’s happy with it.
Lola would simply take PurpleRebel
Oren would either choose something food-related or something that shows his relationship with Carlos, his boyfriend, maybe even mix it up - CookieMonster and then the numbers of Carlos’ birthday.
Carlos would definitely make a joke out of it and go with something like OrensCookie, then change it after a few months to OreoMorelli (this username only makes sense if you’ve read the whole story :joy:)
Rover would choose RovAndFam because he’d mostly post pictures of his family and doesn’t want to think of anything more creative
Ishana would use her real name because, after everything that happened, there’s no need for her to hide her real name from the public.
Max would start with MaxSmith, then dislike his last time so much that he changes it to MaxTheMacaw after talking to the Morellis about it. Nobody would know how they came up with “macaw” but sounds great on dating apps :joy:

@Writers This is fun, come and try it! :smile_cat:

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Here are the usernames I think the main characters of my story Photographs would use:
Casey: caseyyyyyy
Asher: hidingbehindthelens
Jonathan: jonathan_wu
Damion: definitelynotdamion

@WattpadWizards - what usernames would your characters use?