What was that one food you cooked you are proudest of?

For me I would say, instant noodles, or fired eggs. I’m proud that I didn’t burn myself with the heat.

  • What was that one food you cooked you are proudest of?
  • Why so?
  • Do you think you can recreate that dish again?

mines was alfredo pasta

it tasted okay and would definitely try again and make it better :,D


i cooked mac and cheese. im a big clutz and i didnt burn myself also my first time cooking yay. yes i have basically perfected the mac and cheese recipe of course j could recreate it uwu


I can’t cook I can just bake, kinda, not really
So… cinnamon rolls?

Beef roulades :joy:

It’s the only slightly difficult dish I ever made :sweat_smile:

Probably yes, I think after trying it once, I know how to do it.

@Foodies Any food you cooked and are proud of?

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What’s Beer roulades? Got a photo?

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It’s a typo :woman_facepalming: Silly me, I meant beef roulades :sweat_smile:

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HEHEHE. Okay. Although, my questions are still the same. (wink)

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Just vegetables and sometimes even sausages wrapped in beef :smile_cat:

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That looks amazing. I want some. (drooling)

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It’s nothing fancy, I haven’t really got the chance to do anything amazing but according to my brother I perfected making bacon related things :sunglasses: so I’m proud of that.

@Foodies come over here and be proud

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Yup. Always be proud of doing stuff with bacon. (wink)