What was the last game you played?

The last game I played was Idle Miner Tycoon. You get to run different mines the farther along you get through your mines opens up new locations. It’s a fun game. They have a weekly event mine that you can get resources from.

What is the last game you played?


Played all the way to the end or just played?

Just generally played: Final Fantasy 14

Last game I completed hmmm :thinking: well technically I finished the main story in Final Fantasy 14 :joy: all my other games are either finished or ongoing

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Sims 3 actually, played it earlier today for a while

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Does Episode count-
If not, then Wii Sports

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Pokemon Ultra Moon.

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Technically, the last game you just played a minute ago. Nice choices though!

Good job! I know it takes a good bit to finish that part!

Yeah, it still counts!

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Nice, I haven’t played that one yet!

Sims 4 xd

Yuppp it took me a couple of months for sure but thankfully I have people to do the dungeons and trials with me

I still have a bunch of side content tho

FF7! Not my first time playing it but that was the last game I played

GTA 5, it’s one of my favorite games ever

A game called Townscaper, it is quite a basic “game” if you can even call it that. It’s more a toy where you can just sort of play around with different coloured blocks basically and the algorithm automatically changes the way it looks. It’s really fun and relaxing, and it’s cool that you actually have so little control but can end up with cute-looking things. It doesn’t need a lot of thinking or effort.

Here is an image of a lighthouse I build in like 2 minutes, and it’s very cute how it automatically gave those style windows at the top:

And a sort of church

Genshin Impact, naturally.

Pokémon Legends Arceus.

I just played Brookhaven- it’s a game in Roblox where you roleplay

So since I was done with call of duty on mobile battle pass, so I been playing apex legend mobile now :slightly_smiling_face: