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What was your favourite song/album release for each month this year?

Now that we’re halfway through the year, let’s take a moment and think about the music that has been released so far! For each month of this year, which song or album release was/is your favourite?


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For me it would be:
January - Dimesion: Answer by ENHYPEN (album)
February - Always by ENHYPEN (single)
March - ODDINARY by Stray Kids (album)
April - Love Dive by IVE (single)
May - minisode 2: Thursday’s Child by Tomorrow X Together (album)
June - Doublast by Kep1er

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Umm… I’m not sure. I have really listened to anything new this year.

My favourite release of July is tied between Manifesto: Day 1 by ENHYPEN (album) and Time Out by Stray Kids

I can’t choose between them

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My favourite from August was After Like by IVE and September was One in a Billion by ENHYPEN

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October - Midnights by TS

October - Tied between Maxident by Stray Kids and I Love by (G) I-dle

(Antifragile by Le Sserafim is a close runner-up)

November - Girls Gone Vogue by AleXa

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WOW! I love how you have continued to list each month. Nice work.

What are your monthly favourites, @Music?

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