What would be the best way to depict this scene?

So, in the fourth chapter of my story, there’s a scene where the MC asks her students to introduce themselves and share something interesting about themselves with the class.
After each kid does this, the reader gets to see the MC’s reaction to this. However, I’m debating on whether or not I should cut to the MC and show her thoughts in a speech bubble, or… just display the MC’s thoughts in a narration box.

Like this:

The second option would be to show the MC’s thoughts like this:

  • Show MC’s thoughts with a narration box
  • Switch back and forth between the kids and MC to show her thoughts in a though bubble

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To me, the narration bubble and the thought bubble serve two different purposes.

The narration bubble, even with the name on it, signifies something that will either be important for the story – i.e. something that the MC is saying directly to the reader or the reader should treat as narration – or simply that someone is saying it aloud but they’re offscreen.

Conversely, when I see the thought bubble, I associate it with thoughts that are internal to the MC and she doesn’t realise anyone can see/hear them except her. They’re personal and intimate thoughts that we are just being given the privilege of seeing.

So I would definitely say use the speech bubble, personally. With the narration bubble, it makes it seem like we’re supposed to consider her thoughts important to the story or to the characterisation of the characters she’s commenting on.


Thank you! That was extremely helpful. :+1:
The thought bubble it is, then. :heart_eyes:


Thread purpose was served :+1: