What would trees say to humans (if they could talk)?

I never really thought of this when it comes to trees. Though I’m pretty sure they would say “Stop breaking my dang branches!?” to kids who try to climb up them. Another would be “Did I say you lean up against me?” which makes me laugh because the Ents from Lord of the Rings comes to mind when I think of this plus the angry talking trees from the Wizard of Oz movie.

What would tress say to humans (if they could talk)?



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“Half of y’all don’t even deserve to breathe the air I help produce"



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I always liked to think trees could talk, heck, I even have a character that can talk to trees (Charlia). I would think each tree would have it’s own little accent or dialect. Cutting the branches is like clipping their nails or cutting their hair, because you need to trim them. :rofl:

But I would think those in our backyard would tell us how to optimize their growth and wild ones to leave them alone and learn how to live with them instead of around them.

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i will outlive you and take your flesh

They’d give rad advice

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