What would you do for €100

Would you have plastic surgery for 100,000,000,000,000,000?


Would you always fail the rest of your tests this year for $100?

No, not worth getting expelled or reading the same thing for another year :eyes::eyes:

Would you not talk and only sing for the next few months for €100?

Nope, unless everyone else starts doing it too :joy::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:

Would you stop talking to 3 of your friends for 100€?

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I have a friend group of 5, including me, so no.
Would you quit the forum for 100,000,000,000,000?

Oui, for one day. :shushing_face::white_heart:

Would you be mean to the forum staff for $100 000 000?

Would you not come to the forums for a month for €100?

Non :eyes::sparkles:

Would you bump 330 threads for 100€?

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Would you die for 4Billion

No there would be no point

Would you marry someone you hate for 1000074636363636 dollars

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Oui, I could just divorce them after :innocent:

Would you marry your sister for 1M

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Ugh, no,

Would you betray someone for 727277272727272737372727272 dollars

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Yes :eyes:

Would you betray your only friend for £300


Would you spend a night with a serial killer for half a million dollars?

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Would you not call 999 when there is a fire for €200?

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Yeah because the emergency number in my country is different so I never would’ve thought of calling 999 in the first place lol

Would you get mono for 150 dollars?

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Would you become a singer for $100?

I would probably become a singer for free :joy:

Would you get banned from these forums for $500?

No way!

Would you become a plant for $10000000000000000000?

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No lol, then there’d be no point in having money

Would send your county into war for a billion dollars?

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