What would you name a book about your life?


  • Gaming Addiction

‘top ten colleges to get your degree in procrastination’

all the other ones sound to brooding, this sounds like something id actually read

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Brooding is my middle name

“whatthehell is wrong with me: a collection of my dumbest moments”

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Music Addicted: Dealing with Life Through the Eyes of an Outcast.


The art of loneliness

thats actually very fitting

this is such an interesting conversation!

my book would definitely be a sh!tshow collection of poetry
i would call it “making mountains” because i overestimate everything in my pretty mundane life but ngl i’d read it

oh and the cover would be like a plain navy background with 2 little piles of sand scattered tastefully at the bottom of the image frame

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  • How to be fool: A guide to making your mother yell at you for some reason
  • Procrastination being Procrastinated
  • Through the endless bout of pain: I’m a Survivor
  • How to be socially awkward and insecure in seven hundred different ways
  • Endless Violence
  • Typical Wannabe Girl Next Door
  • A guide to being Socially Impaired
  • Into the Strange and Supernatural

The diary of a crazed Aspie teen

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How to survive hell: buy not very well
Leighana Perkins
Tales Of A Brat

Sorry I look like Hell, I just came back.


wow i sound annoying

Donut Queen: The Rise of The Donut Empire :crown::doughnut:


A Dweed’s Dwelling :clown_face:
[not dweeb ok janina]


stop calling me Janina, dweed! :imp:

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“Zanetta’s Journey to Success” :pleading_face:

  • Why Did You Do That: A Collection of Questionable Decisions
  • Help: I’m Not Sure What I’m Doing Either
  • Why I’d Rather Choke Myself with Poop From a Dead Vulture Than Answer Your Phone Call
  • If You Weren’t On That Damn Phone So Much and Other Ways I Missed Out On Life (:sunglasses:)
  • How to Be Friendly and Well-Liked but Have No Friends (akskjflknerwd :joy::joy:)
  • C’est La Vie: Learning How to Laugh at Yourself

“Bro what are you doing- it was right there!”