What would your character wear on an average day?

In the story I’m writing at the moment, my character loves vibrant, bright colors and floral dresses. So on an average day, especially if the weather was warm, she’d probably wear a colorful floral sundress, a pair of beaded, crocheted earrings, and flats or sandals.

What would your character most likely wear?


In my high school story, it’d be most likely casual. The casual outfit depends on the season.

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The characters of the story I’m writing right now mostly wear casual outfits. One prefers a bit more colourful stuff while her brother prefers dark, especially black, clothes. I also have a bunch of characters who all just love wearing leather jackets. Those who like to stand out of the crowd wear them with bright coloured shirts.

All my characters have different styles of clothing. One tends to wear more casual and comfortable clothes with dark colors such as brown, black, and grey. The other wears cute-casual clothes that consists of colors such as blue, grey, and white. One wears very “girly” clothes that consists of a lot of dresses, pink, or other stylish outfits. The other is also cute-casual but consists of more different colors and skirts, also an aesthetic you’d see on tiktok or IG. And one likes to wear revealing clothes consisting of all different sorts of colors and styles, ranging from tom-boy or very feminine

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These are the main characters from the Wattpad story I’m currently working on:
Casey - typically wears track pants and either a t-shirt and hoodie or long sleeve shirt. Mostly neutral colours like black and white
Asher - Wears a lot of black, usually in the form of jeans and a t-shirt with some form of jacket
Jonathan - Alternates between jeans and track pants, typically accessorizes with a bomber jacket
Damion - Casual style, typically wears jeans and alternates between tops
June - Very feminine, lots of dresses and light colours. Loves accessorizing with hats.

@Writers - share what your characters wear!


I’ll do my characters from Deadly Nightshade.

  • Angelina - probably something dark. A nice coat, with her signature ruby necklace and long earrings. Maybe a dress if she’s feeling fancy. Tends to wear heels. She likes red, gold, black, and purple. She loves accessorizing.
  • Cynthia - she wears all black. A black dress, black heels, a ruby necklace, and earrings (she got them from her mom), a gold bracelet, and a black flower crown. (She’s a ghost.)
  • Rosemary - she loves to wear pantsuits. Loveeees pantsuits. However, on an average day, she wears casual, bright, loose clothing that contrasts her true nature.
  • Hwayoung - tends to wear loose clothing and flat shoes. She rarely wears dresses or skirts. Her mom often tells her she dresses like a man. She wears earrings as well.
  • Jieun - she wears more neutral colors and loose, flowy clothing. Sweaters, cardigans, robes, the like.
  • Vincent - light shirts and pants. Sometimes he wears suits, but that’s only for work.
  • Richard - dark colors and suits. Quite formal. As the Chairman of his company, he has to keep up a good appearance for the public.
  • Joseph - he tends to wear sweaters and jeans, he’s much more casual than the other male characters.

My characters from There’s No Accounting for Taste:

Ellie: She loves bright colors and dressing up. Her go-to earrings are either large hoops or large, round pearls. There is no in-between. She loves dresses, skirts, heels, and ballet flats. Her clothes are cute and girly.

Eduardo: He’s kind of into a casual grungy/classy look. He loves layering flannel shirts with graphic tees, a necklace, jeans, and hiking-type boots. On special occasions, he usually wears an elegant long-sleeved shirt with slacks.

Ana Paola- Her style is pretty edgy. She loves ripped jeans, black, leather, studs, and fishnet. Her style could be described as funky.

Andre- His style is pretty simple, but he loves showing off his status with designer clothes. He often wears polo shirts, jeans, and dark colors.

Mira- She loves geometric patterns, brown, blue, layered necklaces, and flats. She’s not much into flashy nor very embellished clothing.

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