What're The Most Important Things You've Learnt For Life?

What’re the helpful things that you’ve learnt? Do you have anything you feel that has helped you for life?

Helpful things I’ve learnt:

  • No matter how complicated things are, I should always listen to the other and be patient.

  • Accept what I have and what I don’t have.

  • I don’t need a reason to love. Nor a reason to respect the other. You just do because you want to.

  • Never judge people by first impression. Always try to look at the good side in them.

  • If you look at things in a negative attitude, they will come true.

  • Never be with a head in the wall.

  • It’s never a shame to admit our mistakes; the real shame is not to admit them and learn from them.

  • Words can stroke you, but can also stab a knife in your heart; always be careful with your words, because believe it or not, they have such a massive power.

  • Maybe one punch can hurt you physically, but it’s nothing compared to words.

  • You should use your heart if we want to make a change in our world - not let the world change you.

  • Maybe many people who you don’t care about can hurt you, but there’s only one type of person that can really hurt you deeply - the person who you hold dear and love the most.

  • All the wars in our world happened mainly as a result of distrust.

  • We can never live without trust in someone.

  • Being worthy of someone else’s trust is a greater compliment than being loved. :blush:

  • What really makes love impossible is love without trust.

  • The fathers have eaten sour grapes, and the children’s teeth are set on edge (Jermiah 31:28). Meaning of the verse: That verse comes to say that if you have sinned, your children will pay for your sins.
    So, be careful with your own actions.

  • There’s always a new chance and it’s called tomorrow :grin::wink:

  • Better to forgive - to give up the pain that eats your heart.

  • Not everything is black or white, bad or good - the world is much more diversed.

  • As long as the candle is on - it is possible to fix.

  • No matter what you go through, the real win is being you along the way.

  • A person who doesn’t trust himself can’t trust others either.

  • The size of expectations is the size of disappointments.

  • Only in times of trouble you can tell who your real friends are.

  • Better to have 2 real friends in your life than have 1000 people who don’t care about you at all.

  • Crying doesn’t make the person weak. It only shows how strong the person has been.

There are way more things.

In addition, I think it’s always good to learn one thing or two that can definitely help you so much.
And whatever we’re going through is a kind of test. No matter how painful it is, how hard it is - we should accept it and lift ourselves up. We should decide how to respond to situations, even though it’s not easy sometimes.
Anything that happens has meaning and reason, even if it does not seem like that. So, whatever is our response or decision, they are affectice. No one can decide for you. Only you can take decisions for how to act. If I am not for me, who will be for me?

Share even one thing that you’ve learnt.

  • actions have consequences

That’s something I live by


And that’s true. We can never take back our own actions or words. All we can do is take responsibility


Palace of the Dead is better than PvP for levelling up

Nah, mother knows best in my case. My mum is great


Which is why we should always think things through, not like predicting the future because that’s impossible but it’s always good to take factors into account like:

  • who else will this affect?
  • could this hurt a person or myself?
  • will this achieve anything?
  • will this affect me in the long term/short term?

And we all make mistakes but you need to reap what you sow sometimes.

“You made your bed now lie in it”


That life is truly unfair and that you really need to be selfish to accomplish a lot of things


Life isn’t fair. Rather than fighting it, fight for your place in this world.

Loving parents doesn’t mean that they are good parents.


Make the most of every second with someone you love. Don’t leave things unsaid, or dwell on arguments. You never know when they will be taken from you.

  • You are responsible for yourself. It isn’t anyone else’s job to clean up your mess

  • Due to systems in place created long before you even got here some people will have it easier than others

  • Form your own opinions and don’t follow the crowd even if it makes you stand out when you just want to blend in

  • If you have to beg for someone to treat you well, they never cared about you in the first place

  • Conformity is not acceptance

  • Never assume loud is strong and quiet is weak

  • Covering up your failures by reiterating your successes is not an apology


Don’t hold back too much things.

Don’t believe everything you hear from your “friends”

Never leave your drink alone in a club or party

Don’t accept a drink from someone at a club or party

Sometimes your family can be the people that pushes you down the most.

Friends are family that we choose.


Sometimes, it’s not a big deal. :heart::orange_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart:


Family is confusing, and you might wish you had a better one. But at the end of the day, there’s no such thing as a perfect family.


Ppl are temporary

Lifes unfair and cruel

Ppl will make effort to contact u. If they dont then stop intiating

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The chances that your big dreams come true are very small. So dream small or not at all

Never get your hopes up to much because then you will be very disappointed in the end

Animals are better then humans and deserve better


Some things don’t go the way you want it to but that’s okay because there may be better things comings.

Not everyone will be your friend. Some people will hate you, some just won’t like you but don’t forget that there’s a lot of people who do like you. It’s just that they might not express it enough.

Pushing away people doesn’t solve your problems. Neither does ignoring them. You might actually end up hurting someone who cares about you.

People aren’t mind-readers. Sometimes you need to open up or ask for space.

Sometimes you’re the toxic friend. Reflect on your behaviour often and check for red flags. It’s a tough pill to swallow but the sooner you realise, the better.

Some of your friends are toxic. Maybe they weren’t always but now they are. Once again, you’ve got to look out of the red flags.

It’s good to reflect on your mistakes but don’t overlook your achievements. My psych teacher told me I have a way of downplaying my achievements and that’s true. An evaluation focuses on what you did well and what you can improve on.

It’s okay to love yourself. Self-love is underrated. You’re amazing and allowed to tell yourself that. Be your biggest fangirl/boy/person.

Sometimes life sucks but sometimes life’s great. Sometimes we can only truly appreciate the good moments if we know what the bad moments are like.


oh yeah. this is a big one.

STOP LYING TO YOURSELF. Whether I mean this in a humorous or motivational sense is up to you.

But like, for real, :doughnut: do it


Other things:

  • One’s heart is the most truthful mirror
  • Sometimes, when you forgive, it just happens even if you didn’t plan to forgive someone.
  • Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks about changing himself
  • No matter how many times a person tries to label you, in the end his labels are meaningless
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  • Be yourself no matter the cost

  • You don’t have to be loud to stand your ground

  • Music speaks volumes

  • Actions speak louder than words

  • The future is small, so make yours big

  • Closing yourself up and pushing others away will only hurt others around you. Even if it’s a little, open up

  • Material things are not important

  • You don’t have to fit in, no one is normal. Stand out like you’re supposed to

  • Not everyone is your friend. Some people won’t accept you.

  • No family is perfect

  • Wear whatever you want. If some creep tries to harass you, that’s on them

  • It’s never your fault if something terrible happens to you

  • Life is just unfair

  • The eyes are the windows to the soul

  • It’s ok to love yourself. Put yourself first. That doesn’t make you selfish, it means you care about yourself

  • Don’t hold back everything. Never leave things undone or said

  • Actions have consequences

  • Sometimes, your mother truly knows best. I learned this the hard way

  • You’re responsible for the messes you make

  • Heaven helps those who help themselves

  • Crying never makes you weak

  • Scars aren’t always physical

  • Privilege definitely exists in this world, acknowledge it and educate yourself. Don’t become ignorant due to what you were given

  • Be careful while you’re alone. This goes for everyone

  • A crisis is like enlightenment. It shows you who’s a true friend

  • Forgiveness is like a bandage over a wound. It’s the first step to healing it

  • Don’t let people crush you. You have to stand up and say, “No, I won’t take this anymore.” Don’t crush them either. Let them crush themselves

  • Isolating yourself is not good

  • “Life comes with hardships”

  • Jealousy always leads to a dark path. Be content with what you have

  • Never refuse help or run away from it. It hurts you even more

  • Sometimes, your family is a cause of your pain

  • It’s ok to cut out toxic people in your life, no matter who it is

  • We all make mistakes, that doesn’t mean your achievements are just as great

  • Don’t judge a book by its cover

  • Share love with everyone, we’re all one human race

  • you should never judge somebody based on appearance alone.

  • never assume stuff

  • accept the people don’t like all the stuff you do

  • repect other people for liking the things they like, even if you don’t like it being rude is never right

  • don’t be rude in general manners cost nothing

  • don’t be confrontational over small things e.g. somebody accidentally bumping into you.

  • everybody is going through their own stuff, you never know the full story so don’t act like you do


Some days, you need to learn not to give a f*ck. :black_heart: