What's something that you have yet to see in a high school story? (Does this make me a spammer? Lol)

Look, I know that I have mentioned about writing a high school a million times already, but after like months of taking a break from it (with it also being near a 1-year anniversary of having my drafts out), I realized that I didn’t want to abandon it, even after leaving the Episode forums and their app. However, I decided to change a few things:

  • The amount of characters (main and side)
  • The ethnicity of one of the characters
  • How the beginning of the story goes
  • The story title

And even with these changes, the lack of energy and school is preventing me from going on to revise my story for the third time and plan better, and I hate it. I thought writing would be fun for me to do (to try it as a new hobby), but I’m like—how you would say—being drawn away from what I used to love doing. The feeling of writing my high school story was exciting at first—not only did I feel like I was in a new world, but I also grew to love what I created, but I feel like if I developed them a little better and gave a better plotline, I could love my characters and story even more! But the more I think about it, the more I realize that I have no idea how to make a high school story fun to read, no matter how many high school stories I have used to read on Episode or how many high school movies I have watched. And so, in conclusion, I need help.

So, @Writers

  1. What is something new or something that you would like to see more in high school stories? Anything less?
  2. How can you utilize such a great plot or regular (character or setting) idea?
  3. How long do you think a high school story should be?
  4. What are some great character development ideas?

hmm i mean
i feel like anything is :ok_hand:
but give it a twist
and teen pregnancy is a bit overdone sometimes as well as bad boy/good boy (especially if they are twins lol)
but the story can still be amazing with these things if they are not done in a cliche way, yknow?
i loveeee long stories :sob:
I hate when everyone gets into like harvard and stuff even when they are SUPERR dumb


Teen pregnancy, bad boys and golden boys are definitely not gonna be in my story at all, but I’ll think of some twists for it! Thanks! :blush:


YAY!!! I am so excited to read!!

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Making high school miserable for everybody like it actually is
Calling out the unfairness is high school society practiced by both kids and adults (The blatant favoritism towards athletes and sports, Girls getting punished for things boys do all the time and vice versa, People who don’t care about school usually getting away with breaking rules while everyone else has to tiptoe around them, etc.)
A class clown who’s not annoying or a jerk
A cool science/history teacher like real schools have
Teen pregnancy being treated like the struggle it actually is
Older students worrying about college and their future
A lgbt+ person or couple who is named, important, and has a personality
School plays, preferably lame plays like Oklahoma
A poorer school in a poorer area

Bad boys/girls/people. I don’t find pricks who don’t care about school, responsibilities or anyone around them hot. I find them annoying, ungrateful and disrespectful.

I think the biggest draw of high school stories for me is the potential for relatability. When the characters and setting are relatable I’m more likely to read.

I think it should stop after one or two school years. Start with Junior year and end with graduation and you’re perfect.

Someone who transitions during the course of their high school experience
A kid with the world stacked against them being able to get their grades up, make friends and get into a great college
A bully becoming friends with the protagonist (I’m a sucker for this)
A bad boy/girl/person who has their life changed by one great teacher who really cares
A typical high school protagonist eventually realizing that the world doesn’t revolve around them, at which point the story becomes meta and they are no longer the protagonist


Or just give me an Art School where literally every other person is lgbt+
Can confirm that’s how art schools are like irl


:roll_eyes: tHe kIssIng bOoTh

“I wanNa bE eLlE’s kIndNesS”

harvard admissions: idk who tf is Elle but here’s your admission!!





You know everyone focuses on the older grades, so maybe you could make a story about a freshman learning to cope in high-school

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