What's the best/worst featured episode story?

So which story do you think is the best and which one is the worst featured episode story? And why?

my opinion

I’ve stopped reading a long time ago, but I think that “it starts with a bra” was the worst episode story… It wasn’t interesting enough to keep me reading until the end and from what I’ve seen in screenshots, the story is really disgusting… :no_mouth::green_heart:
People will most likely not agree with me on this, but I actually kinda liked “the kiss list” because it didn’t feel as fast paced as all the other episode stories to me although the gem choices were really ridiculous. I just think that this is one of the only stories that worked in episode’s 12 episode format and it was the only one I actually finished reading. Sure, the whole plot is a bit questionable, but this is just a story after all and it was quite enjoyable if you didn’t take it too seriously in my opinionand I liked that they tried to implement a point system :eyes::sparkles::green_heart:


I don’t really like any featured story, the whole p2w aspect of the gem choices really feel off.

I hate the ‘Oops! I’m pregnant’ thing where they promised an episode baby and just gave us a sad little drawing >:T


I don’t like any of the featured stories, but I think the worst one was In My Bed :no_mouth::rose::two_hearts:


Not even going to lie, i hate all episode featured stories.

In their content guidelines under How do I get featured?
It says “Be creative! Publish a story that is really unique, that makes us say “WOW!” in the first 20 lines and refuse to put it down.”

But then they feature stories that aren’t creative at all!
Its nearly always one of these:

  • Pregnant by ______
  • Bad boys with bad attitudes but that’s okay because they are hot and all the bad they did is okay because they had a rough childhood. :kissing_closed_eyes: :v:t3:
  • Love triangle drama.
  • Fake dating.
  • Gangs/Mafias.
  • Kidnapped by insert a hot spanish last name mafia leader
  • Vampire love triangle (why not?)
  • We got vampires lets add in a werewolf love triangles.
  • Royalty stories.
  • Stories about high school (which are incredibly inaccurate btw)
  • Arranged marriages.
  • Moving in with _______

I could go on for days :joy:


I used to enjoy old ink featured stories (mostly cuz I was 12) so for me the best is The Enchantress and the worst is literally anything they put up today.

The best: The Demi Lovato series (So much Nostalgia and it was fun.)

The worst: The Love on Fire story. I couldn’t even get through one episode because nothing felt authentic.


I only like the old featured stories, like The Secret of Rain, Confessions of a Teenage Detective, etc.

The worst ones are all those stories they started coming out with in late 2017 or 2018, like My Teacher My Gangster, It Starts with a Bra, the new one about two bad boys in some probation center, and the infamous In My Bed which later became My First Everything. I don’t

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best Glitch girl by Joseph Evans.

worst whoops I am pregnant

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that one is really good

havent gotten to read that one yet. I read a some of the other Joseph evans stories though

I don’t read featured stories anymore. Some of them don’t suit my taste, while the others are just terrible. I can’t even finish one chapter of their recent featured stories without cringing. I only came across a small number of good featured stories, but they’re not that promoted anymore.

For me, the best featured stories will always be the ones written in Classic art style, especially Joseph Evans’ Holy Trinity Classic Stories (The Phoenix Prophecy, The Ember Effect, and Soulbound)

I also liked the Demi Lovato series. I wish the closet feature that you can access anytime can also be available to community writers.


The only featured story I liked (- actually loved) was the Demi Lovato one. Possibly because I love Demi Lovato but it was one of my favourite episode stories and I read the whole thing twice and (if it was in LL possibly unpopular opinion, I don’t like INK and classic I would read it again right now).
[small]actually there was a LL Joseph Evans story that was on featured…
small backtrack from the dramatic ‘the ONLY featured story I liked was…’, I’ve just remembered ‘Last Girl Standing’ and ‘The Last Goodbye’ which were both pretty good (I can’t remember at all what happened in The Last Goodbye but I read all of it so it must have been good.)

But as for the worst, it is hard to distinguish one to call the ‘worst’ when they are all. the. same. Yes they may have different titles, different descriptions but all of them have practically the same MC, the same MC best friend and (in most cases) two love interests. All characters playing into really bad stereotypes. They all even start the same with the character customisation being limited choice on the hair because they want you to spend 204594 gems on a hair!!!

I really liked the Demi series, it was kind of a good plot and I read it a few times. The gem choices very unnecessary and you could get a great ending without spending any gems, no need to spend gems on getting the love interest you want in the end :smile_cat:

The worst one for me is It starts with a bra…I mean…I never even finished that one because it was just bad. I’m really sorry for whoever got forced to write that story :joy:

I am going to have to agree with you about the Kiss List. I enjoyed reading it. It certainly wasn’t a really good story, but it was a good one compared to other Episode stories.

The worst Episode story, in my opinion might be the one with the married woman who has an affair with her neighbor (which I forgot the name of) or Prosecutie, since I don’t support student x teacher romances… There are some really weird and totally disgusting Episode featured stories out there, which make me wanna uninstall Episode.

I agree that it still was below the level of an average community story, but at least it had a clear plot and (most of) the characters actually had a backstory/motivation behind their actions, the gem choices for clothing were still ridiculous, but at least you could get trough the story without them :eyes::sparkles:

Ew… I uninstalled episode before that one came out I think (because I can’t recall seeing it) and I definitely don’t regret it :eyes::eyes:

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All of them are terrible in my opinion lol :joy::skull:

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Except for the Demi Lovato series, but I never got to finish season 3. And also, I hate all stories that force you to pay gems. I exit out the story every time I see one.

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My thoughts on featured stories that are actually good:

Every Joseph Evans story (The Secret if Rain, Soulbond, etc.)
Kill My Love (I prefer the original version but it’s ok)
I Married A Prince