What's the funniest way you've seen someone react to losing a board game?

I haven’t really seen anything too entertaining from someone losing a board game, although I have seen plenty of people get upset about losing or just give up on the game if they’re doing badly. :eyes:

  • What’s the funniest way you’ve seen someone react to losing a board game?
  • Do you tend to react strongly to losing board games?



Lmaooo they get vex and don’t talk for the rest of the day :rofl::rofl:


I remember this time when me and my friends were playing a card game called “Organ Attack”. One of my friends is leading in the game, but he got eliminated in the game while he was at his peak because my other friend put an instant death card on him.

He was so angry at my other friend, so he threw away his remaining cards and walked away to sit on the hammock. When he sat down, the hammock suddenly flipped and then he fell on the ground :laughing:

Too bad that he had to suffer twice on the same day :joy:


that must’ve been awkward :joy:

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It was hilarious because everything happened so fast. Me and my other friends can’t stop laughing after that. :joy:

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Like how I can’t stop laughing now :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Seeing a grown man having a temper-tantrum over a game always makes me laugh. Happens almost every time we play a game with him. HA

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Once my cousin started crying and banging the Monopoly board to the table after losing :joy: