What's the most desperate way you've seen someone promote their story?

I think it has to be when a writer just randomly PMs or DMs people they don’t even know or have never spoken to, asking them to read their story.


Oh yeah I’ve gotten that.
Idk if this fits the description but one time I saw this story on epi that had a title and also said, “The more you read the more I post” or something like that. I kept seeing it and it kept having like 5 views XD. Yeah please don’t do that.

I saw someone comment under an artists IG saying to read her story and how she won’t regret it. the artist declined, but she kept spamming the comments section. she then said how when her story reaches the selves on episode, the artist will regret not reading it sooner. the artist blocked her, then she made another account to spam the comments section and the artist had to block her again and make a public statement saying to leave her alone

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I had that happen a few times on insta. asking for a review, I dont even advertise doing reviews.

I saw one person who offered art in exchange for reads. she tried to get the 100 reads for the contest.

Tagging almost everyone on the platform.