What's Your Favorite

Alfredo sauce :yum::heart::rose::two_hearts:

What’s your favorite fruit? :rose::two_hearts:

Mango :yum:

What’s your favorite snack ?

what’s your favorite dance move

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See this is why we’re friends were so wholesomely coordinated

Top rocks!!!

What’s your favorite shoe type?

Sneakers :eyes::sparkles::green_heart:

What’s your favourite name? :eyes::sparkles:

My username Kiara lol
What’s your favourite flower?


What’s your favorite season?

Autumn owo
What’s your favourite accessory?

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Ear rings :eyes::sparkles:

What’s your favourite forum game? :eyes::sparkles:

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This OWO
What’s your favourite dessert?

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Most desserts!

Favorite animal?

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Favorite breakfast food?

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What’s your favorite sauce?

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Tomato :pleading_face:

Favorite way to cook eggs?

Scrambled XDD
Favorite music genre?

Pop I guess? Impossible question ngl

What’s your favorite candy flavor?


What’s your favorite sound?

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Sound of raining owo
Favourite drink?

Iced coffee / cappuccino / frappuccino.

What’s your favorite accessory?

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