What's your style of clothing?

I would wearrrr anything honestly.
My style is chill and comfy

Dark revealing clothes usually :eyes:

“Comfy” is what would best describe it

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I tried to wear something comfier but still fashionable (hopefully), and colorful!

And an outfit I still need to work on.

There you go, some more insights into my style

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I recently got a body suit, a super oversized hoodie, some high knee heeled boots, and more bras! They’re all super cute. I love wearing a wide range of colors so I tried looking for diverse colors – and the best part, of course, they were all on sale


I don’t have a specific style since my style depends on my mood and on the occasion I’m dressing up for. But my style often includes a lot of high-waisted shorts, baggy jeans, leather boots, sweatpants, retro polo shirts, and closed-neck shirts.

I still don’t know… I just wear what I’m comfortable in and what I think looks good on me. I can really go from alt to cottagecore!

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