What's your writing process like?

I really don’t write that much, so my writing process goes one of two ways:

  • I get an idea I really like
  • I sit down and try to think about the main characters
  • Write maybe some beginning of it
  • Stop liking the idea and hating the writing
  • Literally never go back and revise


  • Have an assignment due
  • Don’t work on it until the last minute
  • Nearly cry from stress coming up with an answer to the prompt
  • Make a brief outline with what each section of the paper should cover
  • Write the paragraphs based on that
  • Rework the introduction and conclusion to actually cover what I wrote in my paper
  • Quick check for easily fixable errors, awkward sentences, or incredibly major errors
  • Submit
  • Sleep

What about you guys? :eyes:


can i tag writers-

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sure :eyes:

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@Writers What are yall’s writing process like? :star_struck:


I think of an idea for the scene and how it would advance the storyline. If it doesn’t, I boot it, if it advances the storyline I write it in.

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I come up with a concept, write the first sentence and then see where it takes me.

  • idea
  • mental mood board
  • elaborate scheming
  • forgetting the scheme
  • remaking it but less cool
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  • Get up in the morning.
  • Go grab a cup of coffee.
  • Complain to the closest person about how much my head hurts.
  • Depending on the day, that person might be next to me or in Australia.
  • Drink coffee while checking whatever I’m checking on the internet.
  • Go and try do something constructive.
  • Whine about headaches again.
  • Theatrically point out that you need to do this, this and that before you get to writing.
  • Do this, this and that. Get conveniently tired.
  • Decide that you’re too tired to actually write.
  • If you’re not tired, remember to eat a dinner. You’ll slide down the chair after that, guaranteed.
  • Procastrinate for the rest of the day.
  • Tell every writer in the earshot that my writing process consists of procastrination :rofl:
  • Get an idea
  • Start developing the characters in my head
  • Start developing the plot in my head
  • Create the characters on Episode
  • Start writing the first chapter
  • Work on it at Starbucks and sometimes at home
  • Come up with random scenes and try to incorporate them into the story
  • Write that until my characters no longer inspire me or I come to a point in the story where I just don’t know where to go with it any longer
  • I get an idea
  • I wait until that idea gets followed by more detailed ideas that I like
  • I try to figure out if others would like that or if it’s better to keep it in my head
  • If I choose to write it down, I start thinking about how it could start
  • I write the first chapter and see if I like it
  • I write more chapters and proofread them after finishing each one
  • I write and write and write until I either start hating the idea or someone else hates it
  • I get some random idea.
  • I usually start to hash it out in the gym between sets :rofl: but seriously, that’s where I always do my best thinking and also sort through any writer’s block or plot points I’m stuck with.
  • Write down the brief synopsis on paper.
  • Write a more detailed synopsis/pitch on the computer.
  • Outline each chapter.
  • Paste each chapter’s outline into word before I start. I then put gaps between each scene (I’m only writing scripts at the moment) and bounce between scenes depending on inspiration.
  • Usually write the first 60-70% super quickly and spend the rest of the week procrastinating on the end.
  • Proofread.
  • Send it off (if it’s contracted work), hope it doesn’t suck and wait for feedback :joy:
  • If it’s Episode- publish, hope it doesn’t suck and wait for comments/feedback lol
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  • Take notes on certain stories and tips to write certain scenes and characters
  • Make random profiles for each character and write descriptive information about them
  • Go to the gym to get more ideas as usual
  • Proofread
  • Ask for assistance
  • Window shopping and mentally take notes
  • Read books of my choice to learn about how to structure a story
  • Watch films and TV shows for ideas
  • Scroll through Instagram
  • Play games
  • Pain
  • Suffering
  • Procrastination
  • Regret
  • Extra Pain
    That’s mostly an over-exaggeration.
  • Get an Idea
  • Make the characters
  • Build the world and it’s rules
  • Make new characters from that world
  • Make up the basic plot points of the story
  • Procrastinate on writing for a year
  • Change the plot points halfway through
  • Realize I made a million grammar mistakes in previous chapters and feel an overwhelming sense of dread cause I have to go bad and revise them
  • Feel amazing when it’s finally finished
    But on a chapter to chapter basis
  • Put on music
  • Sit down and focus on writing
  • Get distracted about 90 times
  • Procrastinate a lot
  • Finally finish it
  • Re-read it for basic mistakes
  • Publish that chapter to Wattpad
  • Feel an overwhelming sense of “YES! I DID IT”
  • Start the next cycle
    Overall, I do need to work on my ethic and stop most of my procrastination. To be honest, it is a lot of work but it’s really rewarding to get to that point that I have a clear vision of in my head and finally get it down and out. It’s fun, heck I doubt if people read it the moments I really enjoyed writing would be the same as whatever they enjoy if anything, of course. I’m rambling, but, yeah that’s my procra- I mean my writing process