When does everyone school and college start in 2020-2021?

We now get a month off for Christmas, I think.

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Nice. I do know how to play Christmas music on piano.

That’s cool. So you live in NC?

I see you play Hogwarts Mystery.

We get two weeks off at Christmas and New Years and then a week off in March. We also have PD (professional development) days scattered throughout the year where the students get the day off and only the teachers have to go to the schools.

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Yep from the mountain to the beach is basically beautiful. But unfortunately if you visit North Carolina every one has to wear a face mask. Especially if like to check haunted hiking trail.

Plus in high school I did get North and South Carolina as a part of 13th original USA states. While the other friends in the class had different one.


How old are you?

I finish school as a senior in June 2021… if I even go to school lol

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I still can’t believe that year-round schools here in NC are starting next week.

Ohh, your in NC?

Indeed. Luckily, I’m in online college for another two months (Hopefully less) until I’m done with it.

I’m just happy I can start my freshman year there

While waiting for school to reopen Macy’s fireworks show this July 4
I do have a friend who today her birthday. She didn’t join here.

I’ll have togo back to school on the 8th of September, but I’m not really looking forward to it :eyes::sparkles:

Are you looking forward to the beginning of the new school year? :eyes::sparkles:

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Actually I graduated back in 2013 with my sister. After graduation my mom was look for me a job after being a teacher assistant for 2 years.

I help at a local church and most of people who I met and know now ether move to a new state or retired.

Hasn’t started yet :sunglasses:

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Oh, my little sister is in college she started August 18 of this year, although she having fun with her roommates.

Closed due to inactivity : D

Please don’t tell me someone hasn’t started this school year yet-