When You Write A Story, And You Are Stuck

Honestly, when you come across a scene that you are currently writing. You are stuck trying to think of dialogue. How you want to say this/that. Do you ask for help even if you are stuck? or just think of the dialogue and do it yourself.


I quit, duh


Well I stop and leave until I get a idea. Ranges from now to forever.

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usally I just force down what I want to kinda be said, with the idea I will change in to sound better later, I usually dont, which is why my dialog often is pretty bad

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Yeah I usually ask for help before I think of something… then sometimes I find that the scene was actually flawed and I scrap it entirely.

It happens to me sometimes… usually, I either delete the scene or just change it so that it flows.
Sometimes it’s so hard to just end the scene the right way without it sounding too abrupt or forced.

The best tip I would say is to change the weather. There are different moods associated with the temperature outside. Have the scene continue, only expect its now snowing. Now your characters have something to talk about and different mannerisms.

Honestly, when that happens to me, I end up creating a monstrosity of a scene, so usually I just get rid of the part that got me stuck, or get rid of the whole entire scene. But not sure if it’s helpful, depending on how important this scene is to the story. So maybe if it’s important you can take a break, make a new important scene, or get rid of the part that got you stuck in the first place.

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move to another scene or perpestive, even end the chapter, it will give you a spacer for time

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I often just try to write it somehow, even if it sounds weird and I don’t like the scene. Once it’s put into words, I can continue with something else and come back to this later.
If I’m really stuck with everything, I watch youtube videos :joy: