Where do you usually promote your story?

I mostly promote my story on forums and Instagram, but I know that Twitter can also be a great place for promotion.
Is there another place to promote your story?
Did you find anything that works really well?


I’ve been trying on Twitter too but I’m not sure it’s working lol. :joy: I see views but I can’t get people to make an account and subscribe (I think).

I promote on deviantArt and Ao3 by crossposting but obviously, people aren’t hopping to Tapas since the story is available on those platforms. I’m wondering whether I should cut it off at a point and ask people to go to Tapas if they want to read further. But knowing people, that won’t work. :sweat_smile:


Instagram and the forums.
I tried Twitter but I didn’t get too many followers there, so I kind of gave up on it.


Instagram and the forums… I’d never promote my stories on Twitter


Instagram, Forums, Twitter, Tumblr…I use a Social Scheduler app through my website which helps a lot.

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I don’t really promote stories :sweat_smile:

I guess the forums?

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