Where’s My Forum Section Key?

Who wants a sneaky look at the locked sections? Here’s a brief at what you’d find in the Regulars’ Lounge, Patrons’ Lounge, and Restricted Section.


Ooh great article and thanks for mentioning my thread as well :smiley_cat:

It was also very interesting to read about what’s going on at the Patreon section. The game Fraud made is so wholesome and cute!


Yay! I’m glad you liked it. Of course I mentioned yours, it’s a really good thread. Can’t wait to have I look at what threads have made and are yet to make it onto July’s one. (wink)

Yeah, the secret friend game is super cute and is really nice to see on the forums.


The secret friend game is the best

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Yeah, it looks it. I was contemplating joining the last one, do you think I should join the next time round?

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Yes! It’s a lot of fun! There are lots of adorable confessions, and it’s also why El and I have a PM :eyes:

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Okay, I’ll try to watch out for the next one then. (wink) Uh, why do you have a PM from this? (puzzled)

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She decided to PM me when I was her secret friend :eyes: Wasn’t the most secret, but I’ll forgive her because there was an entertaining conversation about fangirls/boys and musicians destroying stuff

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