Which artist do you follow the most?

Hey @Artists, we all get inspired by all kinds of art and artists who use all kinds of mediums. But who are your favourite kinds of artists to follow? Why not share them here to not only give them recognition but also share with others to inspire and motivate them as well. So which artist(s) do you follow the most?

On the forums, I follow @BlueInferno and @ChaoticDeluge, who both have far too much talent!

On YouTube, I follow Mary Doodles, who does quick and awesome art!

On Instagram, I follow madame_lady_comics, pixiecaptured, and MoodyMiss. One does comics, another does photography, while the third paints and draws.


So, I recently been following artist on youtube in order to help with my drawing skills. The artist I actually watch the most for learning is Marc Burnet who is a professional digital artist whouse to work at Blizzard gaming company that owns World of Warcraft. These are videos he made on how to make characters.

Which artist do you follow the most?


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Do @BlueInferno and @ChaoticDeluge count?


They should.


Yeah, I would say they count as well!

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That’s a relief. Then they’re my answer! (Heart_eyes)

Ironic since I’d say we have practically similar art styles relating to heavy lineart and stylised characters

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Similar but different

I don’t really follow certain artists more than others :thinking: I just look at some of their work and then repeat that after a while, but not regularly