Which character death hit you differently and why?

For me the character death that hit me differently was probably Fred from Harry Potter (blurred spoiler incase people haven’t seen or read the book or been on the internet ever) I guess it hit me differently because he was always such a fun and nice character, so young too.

What about you guys?


Sirius Black from Harry Potter!!! I’m so mad about that.


Bruh Snape and Dobby in Harry Potter what’s up with the Harry Potter deaths lol


nehemia in the Throne of glass series
cried abt it for a week

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Bianca from Percy Jackson

Luke from Percy jackson

Jason Grace

Zoe nightshade death

Bob and the good giant death

every freaking character that died in Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus except Octavian he is a jerk

Snape death

sirius from harry potter, deidara from naruto and the witcher ending (books)… omg.

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Tommy from The Shawshank Redemption. After Andy, knew that he was serving in jail for a crime he did not commit and had enough evidence though Tommy to get out, Andy finally saw hope for the first time. But his hope was short-lasting after the Warden finds out about it and, to prevent the truth from coming out, had Tommy killed straight by putting a bullet through him.

Larry Johnson and Sal Fisher from Sally Face.. Oh my god.

Oh… Augustus Waters in The Fault in Our Stars
And Steve in The last song… Cried like a baby

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excuse me what?


Apparently…Caligula, I think…

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ooops you don’t know, ah you might want to seat down for this.

He dies in the trials of Apollo-

Piper got a girlfriend now tho, but she was devastated.

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spits out water SHE’S NOT STRAIGHT?! Pinch me…


I never thought of any of the characters as straight (maybe except for octavian and Annabeth sometimes) but yeah Piper had major bi vibes (she’s bisexual and I knew it)

Though it is in the end end of the series you find out


Wait…her vibes flew over my head.

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Percy and her had major bi vibes to me.

Piper with Annabeth doing the time they were together, Annabeth not so much a little but not much.


That’s fair.

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Well, all the characters in Hazbin Hotel are already dead, but I’d say Alastor’s death was probably the scariest. I have a fear of dogs, and Al died by a dog attack.