Which duck art style should I focus on? 🦆

So uh, I’ve kinda been fluctuating between 2 different styles when it comes to duck drawings and I’m still undecided because I think they’re both rad in their own way tbh :duck:
So, help me decide which one I should focus on!

Style 1: no black outline

This one is often the easier variant because I can fix mistakes more easily, but it’s also harder to define different areas without lines imo because I don’t like to have extreme contrasts in my drawings and my shading is usually not that visible

Style 2: black outline

This one is also easy for me, but requires a bit more work in advance because my final sketch has to be accurate and it’s harder to make quick changes. But on the other hand it makes it easier to define different areas that are similar in colour and it makes colouring faster


I personally prefer the second one but they’re both gorgeous :star_struck::star_struck:

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