Which is better: Instagram reels or TikTok?

So, I’m pretty sure everyone is familiar with the app: Tiktok, and the hugely complex (and honestly quite self absorbed in some cases) culture that comes with it. Instagram recently copied tik tok with their own version: “Instagram Reels”

The question is: Which is better?

Both of them have their pros and cons, which I will list below:



  • Very well known
  • Well developed with many complex features
  • Easy enough to use
  • Intricate algorithms which allow you to engage with (mostly) content you are interested in


  • Very difficult for any kind of minority to gain a large following due to shadowbanning, faulty and bigoted algorithms and very intense use of ‘pretty privilege’. These accounts also get randomly banned for no reason quite often.

  • Due to the algorithms, Tik Tok has become an echo chamber for people’s ideas. Someone will spout a problematic and bigoted opinion, and have it only pop up on people who’s fyps mirror that opinion. This creates the false assumption for the original creator that their opinion is popular and correct, leading them to possibly base entire movements around them, turning a harmless post into a derogatory and toxic environment for others, often ending up in severe cyber-bullying. (the super-straight thing is a good example, as are opinions on controversial topics)

  • Cyber-bullying is very much present on the app and normalised too, and it’s quite hard to report at times

I’m not really familiar with Instagram reels’ stuff so if any @Discussions would like to contibute to that or add to tik tok’s feel free! ^^


What the-

tiktok fym

Tiktok obcioisky

Neither. I don’t go on either.

Uh…I haven’t gone on Tik Tok in a long time.

Instagram reels…
TikTok is banned here lmao
And well, TikTok India is… gawd, I don’t wanna talk about it-


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If it’s banned, then how do you have a Indian Tik Tok?

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We used to have it before it was banned.

Inatagram reels is basically people putting their TikTok videos onto instagram so there isn’t a huge difference besides the platform :joy:

I’ll do the pros and cons of instagram reels though:


  • The moderation on instagram is generally better, still not great, but better
  • TikTok is banned in certain countries so the reels are a good alternative for people who want that
  • it’s a good way to share your content with even more people


  • TikTok is the more popular format for those videos
  • The editing software is extremely limited, TikTok has a few more options
  • Algorithms can be weird

Sorry but Instagram reels as well as the new video portion of snapchat are just rip-offs of Tiktok

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lol yea