Which is the longest/shortest Episode story you've ever seen?

Which is the longest/shortest Episode story you’ve ever seen? :thinking::rose::two_hearts:

The longest Episode story I’ve seen is “It’s just an Illusion Series” by Miss MJ, it’s 148 episodes :scream::rose::two_hearts:

The shortest Episode story I’ve seen was only one episode long. I don’t remember the title nor the author, but I do remember that the story had no dialogue. :rose::two_hearts:


Longest? Probably Pregnant By the Nerd which is 65 episodes long and still ongoing. But 148 episodes? Wow. I don’t touch stories that are 40+ episodes and are STILL ongoing.

Shortest? Someone uploaded a flow chart thing for self care, a self care guide essentially. It asked questions with choices like, “are you comfortable” and if you clicked no it gave you options about what to do about it, then made you go do it lol. It was relaxing, actually. It was only one episode long as well. At the end of the first and only ep you can choose to leave or restart the guide.


Longest I’ve seen is probably The Ruby Tiara. It’s only 33 episodes long, but they all last ~20 minutes.

Shortest is one called Episode Music Playlist, it’s one chapter long and you can’t exit it.


Dripping Mascara is the longest with 132 episodes - i’m not sure what the shortest episode i’ve seen is :eyes:


Shortest story 3 episodes


I could never read a story that long. I’d get so annoyed. I’m sure it’s a good story, but I just don’t have the patience to read a story that long.

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The longest I’ve read was Dripping Mascara, which was like 100 and something episodes

I liked having a story that was so far ahead that I could read and read and still have more to read—when I started it, the story was still ongoing—mostly because I tend to forget what happens if there are long gaps between updates.

Shortest was one with no dialouge, that was like 1 episode. I believe it was the same one Rose read but I have no way of knowing for sure. I’m pretty sure it was about like candy drugs or something lmao

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