Who are your favourite Writing YouTubers?

Who are your favourite Writing YouTubers? And why? Have they published books? If they have, have you read them? Were they good? Tell meee!

I really like Jenna Moreci lol. She’s written and published many books and a series. I’ve watched her videos and have taken her writing advice for a really long time. As well as being a super talented writer, she manages to be super funny, cocky, but caring. It’s sweet.

Here’s her channel if you wanna check her out. :3

And feel free to link your Writing Youtubers in your post too. :))


Tbh I don’t really like writing YouTubers, I currently watch none. I used to watch some including Jenna Moreci but idk I didn’t really like her advice. Idk why but her advice kinda came off as cliche? Like also kinda shaming other writers? Idk. And it made me feel guilty for not writing which is when I stopped. I guess I just view writing as this art form that anyone can interpret and take their own spin on. I view it as there aren’t any set rules (except for maybe don’t be an a-hole lol) and you can do kinda whatever you want depending on where you want to go with it. This is why I generally don’t like those writing channels that make whole lists of things that they think are wrong in books. Even if I agree with them, I always think of ways that writers could do it well.

Is closed also Jenna being my favorite was quite literally coincidence, I’ve watched her for years.