Who does most of the cooking in your family?

Even if both of your parents can cook, there’s usually one who ends up doing the majority of the cooking. Who does most of the cooking in your family?


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My maa. Father can cook too and he’s good. But I’m a fan of mom’s cooking so much that I don’t like food made by other people

Both of them cook, but my mom probably does the most on average.

Me, me, and only me.
Well, when I was a kid/teen, usually my mom, and my dad only on holidays and special occasions. Once I started taking cooking classes, I began cooking a lot more frequently, and my mom only cooked on the days when I didn’t have time. She doesn’t really enjoy cooking that much, but she’s not bad at it.

My dad does most of the cooking in my family but if he’s not home, then my mom or my brother will cook

I sometimes help whoever’s in the kitchen but I don’t cook anything by myself