Who is the most intelligent anime/manga character?

There’s often one character in an anime or manga who is smarter than the other characters. In your opinion, who is the most intelligent anime or manga character?



I don’t remember a whole lot of intelligent characters from anime/manga but Conan (from Case Closed) is definitely supposed to be smart, although definitely not the smartest I’ve encountered :thinking:

I’d say Kyoya from Ouran High School Host Club is pretty smart because he handles all the club’s finances. And he knew exactly how much that vase that Haruhi broke was, lol.

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I’d like to say Saiki from the Disastrous Life of Saki K, though he’s a psychic so that might be cheating a little bit.

Otherwise, L and Kira from Death Note, probably !

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Ah, yes!

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I haven’t watched a lot of anime shows, but so far I think Norman from The Promised Neverland maybe one of the smartest anime characters, especially for his age he’s a genius.

Oh and also Ranpo from Bungo Stray Dogs


How old is he?

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Saiko Intelli:

Her quirk in Boku No Hero Academia is becoming a super genius when she wants while already staying at a 150 IQ in her normal state.

He’s 11 years old in the anime, he’s the smartest kid in the orphanage. I totally recommend The Promised Neverland if you haven’t watch the show yet, it’s very suspenseful.

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Saiki K and Migi

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Ski K :thinking: He is all knowing

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I thought of another very intelligent character. Lelouch from Code Geass. I mean, this high schooler is leading the rebels of a war! You’ve gotta be really smart for that.

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