Who makes the best food in your family?

In my family it is definitely my Mum! Nobody else really cooks and she enjoys doing it. I have tried cooking myself but I’m no good :joy: my brothers are a close second because they have to cook for themselves most of the time anyway. Me and my Dad sit at the bottom of that like feed us.


Well, only my mum knows how to cook, so yeah.

So, my mum usually cooks, and we usually eats whatever she cooks.

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My dad!

Me. Oopsie

My mom or grandmother or great grandmother. They’re all good at cooking.

My dad isn’t bad either. I’m the worst XD

Oof I read the title as ‘Who is the best food in your family’


Also me :tipping_hand_woman:t5:




My mom 100% neither I nor dad cook. It has gotten to the point where I don’t eat food that’s not cooked by my mom.

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lmao a snacc

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Grandma :crown:

My dad and my mom…

my step moms cannnoottttt cook

well i three four cooks in my family. my mom, dad, aunt , grandma wait no make that six…, my dads grandma, and my dads dad.

my mom makes more american food while my dad is more cultured… soo i can’t chose

My mom and elder sister.

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My grandma :no_mouth:

My dad’s food is the best

Not counting relatives who I don’t live with…

My mom is pretty good but sometimes she likes keeping things plain and simple.
My dad was a good cook, but he only cooked on holidays and special occasions.
I’d consider myself pretty good at cooking because I enjoy cooking and I’m always looking for new recipes and cooking hacks.

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Probably my Uncle, Aunt and Grandma. I mean, my parent’s food is good but it’s not so good that I like end up craving it or anything, unless it’s sweets lol.

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